Our Company
While “local flavor” is often cited to describe an essence of a town, rarely does a particular business contain all the right elements to truly embody the character of a place in time as does the 1859 Coffee Company. Housed in rustic barn above the historic mining town of Central City, CO, once known as “The Richest Square Mile On Earth,” the 1859 Coffee Company bridges together local history and legendary coffee roasting to create a truly immersive environment for any coffee enthusiast.

Our History
In the summer of 2005 while attempting to roast coffee at 9600 feet high in the Rocky Mountains to recreate a family coffee syrup recipe that had been passed down through the generations from the era of the Colorado Gold Rush, David and his brother Anthony realized they had struck an unforeseen vein. After giving much of their freshly roasted coffee to friends and family whose reaction was anything but expected, many had told the brothers that their coffee tasted much better than other coffees and didn’t have a harsh or burnt aftertaste. It was then that they discovered the difference that high-altitude coffee roasting made and began their quest to recreate the legendary roasting process that became the inspiration for 1859 Coffee.