Our customers love our coffee!

“I LOVE YOUR COFFEE!! Your French Roast is the smoothest coffee I have ever had, not bitter or burnt in the least. I usually shy away from French Roast but your 1859 French Roast coffee is AWESOME! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!! Did I mention I LOVE your coffee?” – Cindy, Denver, Colorado

“While in Golden, CO I bought a bag of French roast and I must say, your coffee is fantastic. There's no bitterness, it's full bodied and just the right strength. I had honestly forgotten what good coffee tasted like. Better yet, my husband, who usually cannot drink coffee at all due to acid issues, is also able to enjoy it. Thank you so much for all your hard work crafting this great product. I'll be spreading the word about it and inviting my friends over to sample it!” – Mimi W – California

“Best damn coffee ever! I can finally drink coffee straight, no more cream and sugar for me.” Thanks so much!” – Dan, Denver Colorado

“Thank you for making a cold brew coffee, as you say on your website, “Simply The Best!” I have been ordering your coffee since I found your website and have bought most of the cold brew coffees on the market, and yours by far has the best coffee flavor! What a great addition!” – Robin, Portland, OR

“Received my coffee today with amazing speed and a personal note. Your coffee is outstanding, has a strong bold flavor without any harsh or bitter overtones and suits my coffee preferences just perfectly. I would love to know what part of the world you get your beans from. Thanks, this is great coffee!” - Kurt, Nashville, TN

“I bought your coffee at Victor Gold Rush days while visiting from California. I made my first pot this morning. You now have a customer for life!! Damm that's good coffee! Thanks for taking the time to explain your awesome process.” - John, Hidden Valley Lake, California

“Just tried your French Roast! Very Smooth! Loved It” - Matthew Denver, Colorado

“I just got my coffee order in from 1859 Coffee. I drink a lot of coffee, and I can really taste the difference the high altitude roasting makes. I'm glad you pointed that out on your website as I wouldn't have known otherwise. Keep up the great work guys!” - John Austin, TX

"Bought your coffee at the Gilpin County Fair, I am not a coffee connoisseur but your coffee is delicious!!!” – Joel, Black Hawk, Colorado

“I tried your coffee because it is from Colorado one of the places I love the most. I like that it is roasted in the Rocky Mountains. This is one of the best coffees I have ever tried. You can taste the hints of the natural flavors which aren’t too overbearing like the many artificial flavored coffees I have had. I became a loyal customer after trying it and will continue to order from you.” - Layla, Manhattan, New York

“Your coffee is incredible... probably the best by far that I have ever had! How do you make a dark roast so smooth without any burnt aftertastes? I have always had to drink a medium roast but I will now be ordering more of your dark roast. I am a fan!” - Brandon, Knoxville, Tennessee