I Want To Be A Cowboy


The Rocky Mountain Horse Expo - Where Coffee and Horses Come Together

I’ve always considered myself kind of a mountain guy but my experience slingin’ and sellin’ our high-altitude roasted coffees at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo in Denver has me always ending the show wanting to be a cowboy. It’s something I don’t experience every day and it was nothing less than just as exciting as last year. My coffee booth (806) is located on the trade show floor just a few feet away from where they walk the horses back and forth to the arena.

Mixing Horse Breeds and High Altitude Coffee

As I sit in my booth I am very fortunate to have the rare opportunity to see so many different breeds of horses that I never knew existed, everything from quarter horses, draft horses, pintos, mustangs and miniatures. I also havethe opportunity of talking with hundreds of people from all over the country that have a love for horses, work in the industry or are competing in the many competitions. For 3 days, I get to sit back and just take in the whole horse expo experience and do what I love doing the most, educating the good folks about our high-altitude roasted coffees, networking and making lots of new friends.

In addition to all the cool stuff, there are several educational workshops and non-profit sanctuaries that are saving the native horses through education and preservation. This year, located directly across from my booth was The Wind Dancer Foundation, an exhibit that brings awareness of the wildhorses that roam the public lands of America in 10 western states. The exhibit features large images of the horses on the open plains taken by a several different photographers and offers pertinent information to help the public get involved and to donate to its cause.

Hand Crafted Goods for the Entire Family

For the ultimate shopping or family fun experience, the trade show floor was full of vendors with the very best in hand-crafted good sand everything a horse owner could possibly need, from art and photography to western wear, saddles and trailers. If you were a kid or if your children loved horses, the family fun would be endless. One of the neatest things I saw was agiant covered wagon fitted with 4 sets of bunk beds that was a part of a camp that offered covered wagon camping from a dude ranch in Utah named ConestogaWagons.com.

Needless to say, after taking in the whole experience the thought of being a cowboy seemed much more exciting compared to the norm of my everyday life. Everyone should experience the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo at least once, you never know, it just may rekindle the cowboy or cowgirl in you. Not to mention, you can buy Colorado’s very best high-altitude roasted coffees there. To learn more about the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo visit www.coloradohorsecouncil.com.

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